Surrendering to the angel within – July 24th, 2013

This last week has been difficult – passing through the star-gate of Orion – another huge event as I continue to remember where I came from and who I am. The 3D illusion continues to break up – like an old curtain falling away and the new slowly emerging. No clear picture yet. We are in that in-between space where the old is dying and the new is not yet fully visible. This is the wilderness – not comfortable – scary at times- but filled with new possibilities. I have been in this space many times before and learnt to navigate it without falling to pieces.

This time it feels bigger and a bit scarier. Whole chunks of my “reality” are just falling away at a rapid rate. People are in and out of my life so quickly I barely have time to process it. Things I thought were a “sure thing” are just evaporating in the blink of an eye. The wonderful dance class I had last term has now been cancelled because I am the only student left – to give just one small example. How strange and scary it all seems. I talk to other people who are having exactly the same experience – it’s hard to feel that anything is permanent. Whilst I’ve always known in my mind that nothing is permanent, it’s confronting to see this reality in fast-forward as I’m seeing now.

How to get through it all? Lying in my healing room today I see us all passing through the Orion star-gate and relaxing and surrendering into the process. A huge circle of 3D energy appears and within my Angelic form appears and comes towards me. It is tall and white/gold as I have seen it many many times. My little 3D form lying in the healing room struggles to rise up and join with it. Why am I still struggling rather than just surrendering?

My angelic energy field draws me in – come closer it says and rest within me – this is you – this is who you really are – all day – every day. There is no more 3D you and Angelic you – there is just you. Like the tired child that I am, I go to rest within the heart of my Angelic being and simply merge with it. It’s easy, effortless and safe.

Days later, I’m still struggling with this reality – how to end the illusion of the 3D self and stay surrendered to the Angel within. How to step out of the inner struggle forever? Insecurities, old and new grief pops up all over the place to throw me off balance. And it works – I’m crying and scared, happy and joyful in quick succession. The speed of everything is just plain scary.

I breathe, walk with the dog and even go away for a week where I can be in nature all day. It helps but I’m not there yet. I meet up with someone I haven’t seen for a long time and she gives me a great insight, which helps a lot. Ask yourself the right questions like:

“Show me how it would feel to be loved?” or ……………..?

Have all my needs met
Not lonely

I used this wonderful insight and effortlessly I feel love as a golden energy running right through my heart chakra. I feel Safety as a long zip right down the front of my body – which allows negative energy to be released easily. I feel Peace as a line of light running from my heart chakra through my throat and up to my crown chakra. I feel Cherished as wonderful tingling energy all around the back of my neck and running up my head.

Days later I my mind is fighting back, once I’m back home. It can’t be that easy, look over here – worry about this- see that disappointment over there and so on. The mind doesn’t want to be done out of it’s job of keeping the Ego active. The Ego doesn’t have much to do if we aren’t afraid, resentful or whatever.

I’m still struggling but the gap is closing. The shift we are all making out of 3D reality will show us our darkest fears and highest hopes in equal measure, because this is duality – the very essence of 3D. Surrendering to our Angelic Light beings within, is our way out of 3D and what lies beyond.

All the great teachings have tried to show us this. We contain that spark of the Divine – where there just one and we are part of it. This is our time to know this in every cell of our being. Don’t waste the opportunity.

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The tipping point – June 6th, 2013

The strange feeling of being between the old and the new is tiring and confusing. I’m feeling like I’ve climbed a mountain expecting to see a beautiful view but there’s just mist,wind and exhaustion. It’s an in-between space, where I seem to flip-flop back and forth between my old 3Dway of being and the newly emerging energies. I’m tired. I thought it would be better by now but it’s just hard – the wilderness of the half-way point – the tipping point between the dark and the light.

I was directed to notice but not dwell on the misery. Keep going, rest when needed – even if it’s in the middle of the day. Focus on that which uplifts you. For me, it’s trees, crystals,dance,hot baths, exercise, dogs, cats, the ocean and quite time with like-minded people. When I’m over-whelmed, I try to simplify life – reduce what I’m doing, stick with priorities to stay well. The rest can wait – nothing will happen anyway.

Try to surrender old 3D crutches, whatever they are – negative TV, media, junk food, addictions to work, relationships. Make conscious choices about what you want to take in – whether it’s our negative thoughts, food, sound, ideas, people – it’s all energy. In the past we could plod along with a lot of negative habits which depressed our energy and kept us in the wilderness for years. As time speeds up and the tipping point moves further to the light, we won’t have the option of living on automatic pilot most of the time. So what to do?

1. Make conscious good choices wherever you can.

2. Be a compassionate, detached observer of yourself, whatever the choices you make. Don’t beat yourself up.

3. Focus on what uplifts you.

4. Clear negative energy as it arises with whatever technique works for you.

5. Protect yourself in a triangle of light or a spiral within a triangle.

6. Stay grounded in your body.

7. Get into a group of like-minded people.

8. Stay open-minded to new ways of doing things.

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Solar flares and us – May 23rd, 2013

Over the last few months we have experienced the effects of more and bigger solar flares coming from the Sun. At an energy level that means huge amounts of energy being released from the Sun, which impact the Earth and us directly. We can see this experience as either frightening or an opportunity to expand our own energy field and release dark, heavy energies which no longer serve us. For those who are ready and willing, solar flares will enable inter-galaxy travel and enlightenment. Don’t allow fear to dictate your responses to this huge outpouring of energy or you will miss an opportunity to observe and grow with the light available to you all. Darkness and negativity within us is being pushed to the surface at a rapid rate and this can be incredibly uncomfortable, due to the content and speed at which things are happening. If we can just sit with it, rather than resist or supress what it triggers, it will pass.

The huge amount of light now leaving the sun is creating massive waves of light throughout the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. This is opening up energy pathways which have been closed for thousands of years. Beings of Light who haven’t been here for a long time are now able to come to Earth and assist us in ways we don’t even know about yet.

A “map” is re-showing itself, which will make it easier and safer to travel within and beyond our galaxy. The picture that came to mind was the opening up of numerous highways/flyways and new inter-galactic bus stations, airports and railway stations opening up. Souls who are ready can come to these places energetically to learn about the “trips” that are available. There will be Light Beings from everywhere waiting to assist and answer questions. Trips will be available in many categories, including day-time, night-time and just any time to become familiar with what’s out there.

Many of us have already been “travelling” beyond Earth for a long time. Sometimes this has been during meditation, a healing session,when asleep or during a channelling session.

Now we will be able to travel if we feel ready. It’s a bit like going to a travel agent and being able to choose from a one day trip to a one year trip and everything in-between. This isn’t just about being a “tourist” at a galactic level. It’s about remembering where we came from and meeting our galactic brothers and sisters. Not everything “out there” is sweetness and light but it’s time we grew up and went exploring.

It’s time to leave the fearful secrecy of the past and move to the discerning familiarity of the future.

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Knowing your Body’s wisdom – 27th. April, 2013

During a healing session for a friend, we were shown that we are approaching a tipping -point between the power of the dark and the light. For thousands of lifetimes, humanity has lived in fear of the darkness and thereby been manipulated by institutions that promised protection and salvation. Many of us have worked very consciously to clear old pain and karma have found it a very long, slow road. At the time, we couldn’t see any alternative to making spiritual progress.

I can remember fifteen years ago, when time moved more slowly than now, that clearing a karmic memory and it’s fall-out could take a week. It was usually a week of extreme tiredness and sometimes a major healing crisis which could put me in bed for a day or two. That virtually never happens anymore, even though painful stuff keeps surfacing. I am able to move it on more easily, without always registering everything psychically.

Now there is a change in this clearing process as time speeds up due to the Ascension process. Drunvalo Melchizedek wrote in Serpent of Light 2012 that our day is now only sixteen hours long – not twenty-four. No wonder we feel rushed!

So back to the healing with my friend. We were shown that humanity is coming to point between the light and the dark, where we are able to clear old suffering without going into any detail or re-living it, as we might have done in the past. The picture I was shown was a curvature in time and space – as if we have gone round a corner and our consciousness no longer needs to do everything in 3D mode. I was also told very clearly that Karma is a 3D experience.

The outcome of this message was that we will be able to process old pain differently in future as we move into a 4D and 5D reality. It will be a lighter, more fluid process – a bit like a kangaroo hopping very quickly through the bush. However, to do this, we are going to have to be fully grounded in our bodies. Many of us are not really in our bodies and grounded due to old abuse, which made the body a scary place to be. Traditional religions have also demonized the body for thousands of years and created the mind/body split we are still trying to heal.

The body is in fact the Grail – the sacred container for the psyche which is now processing 3D experiences faster and faster. We will feel quite different this week than we did even ten days ago, so what will remain the same and be a firm anchor? It is our body which is our grail and anchor. To honour this truth we need to re-learn the meaning and purpose of our bodies, which have been denigrated, abused and neglected due to out-dated thinking.

We need to treat our bodies with compassion, love and respect. The grail consciousness of the body is full of information that has not been used rightfully for a very long time. We can no longer afford to float above our bodies, living only in the upper chakras. We need to re-birth ourselves by bringing our consciousness back into our bodies permanently.

The process that was shown to me was to put your focus into your Heart chakra as your anchor point. Spend some time there observing the energy, visions, symbols or feelings. The move down through the lower chakras one by one and do the same thing – observe, feel and love those lower chakras. Spread the light gathered through the whole body but stay in the lower chakras and feel the difference. Touch your body all over with love and compassion no other agenda whatsoever. Some parts of the body might need more attention than others. Talk to your body as you would to a loved one. Ask it what it wants and needs. It will tell you if you keep things peaceful and pull down the blind on your mind for a while.

One of the best writers on the human body is William Linville, who wrote about the huge untapped knowledge of the body in Living in a Body on a Planet.

There are many ways of connecting with body wisdom that I have found useful. These include Kundalini Yoga, (3HO website) Dance Therapy, Art Therapy, working with crystals, meditation and chanting. The list is long but the best way is to ask your body what it needs and wants. It is your holy grail and anchor in difficult times.

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Choosing your energy vehicle – January 17th, 2013

In past down-loads, I’ve been shown that most of us on Earth came from somewhere in the stars. I know I came from Sirius after volunteering for an assignment which didn’t end well. I fell to Earth through a huge energy void and landed here in total disarray. I’ve been trying to get myself back together ever since. The remembering of all these events is what filters through now. I’m seeing things I would have loved to know back then, before I set off on what turned out to be a very long and sometimes frightening journey. Going from a body of light into a human 3D body without any preparation was terrifying. Experiencing major abuse as a child in a 3D body is but one example.

Today we were shown different “energy vehicles” that are in use around us. As more and more human beings move further into light bodies, they will be “travelling” further afield without always realizing it. When they do, they need to be discerning about picking the right energy vehicle for the purpose. It’s a bit like picking the right car for a smooth ride or a rough bush track – you can’t always use the same one.

Little grey disc – for traveling close to home

The first vehicle I saw was a small grey disc with another attached circle on top which contained a red light. This little “car” is useful for traveling in levels local to our own galaxy – the Milky Way Galaxy. I could see an outline of my body with light points (energy receptors) all around it being activated, by accessing a type of X-ray vision. Once this was done, the red dot on top of the grey disc was activated also. Then my body outline was in the grey disc and the energy receptors on me linked to energy receptors all around the disc. I was “plugged in” – a bit like putting the key into the ignition of your earth car.

The Cross-Over Energy Body vehicle/s – for non 3D beings travelling further afield

The next vehicle was a very large energy cross-over with four large energy bands within it. They were white,green, yellow and pale orange and all of different energy frequencies. There was a strong right to left energy circle going around the outside of it, which rotated very very fast. This “vehicle” was able to carry a large cross-section of Light beings and ET’s who operate in many different “band-widths” which are higher and faster than 3D.

There are also many smaller versions of the cross-over energy vehicle, which carry Light Beings who are going to other places to study, meet and problem-solve over inter-galactic issues. A sort of United Nations of the Universe.
Now that we are past December 21st. 2012, there is greater potential for conscious human-beings to work with this greater collection of other Light Beings and other ET races.

I was shown that the symbolism of the cross-over vehicle was totally connected to Jesus and the crucifixion. The cross from which Jesus ascended stood as a symbol of his journey to re-connect 3D humanity with our multi-D Light Being and ET heritage. We came from these dimensions which are well beyond 5D and we are now starting the return journey. On the day of the crucifixion, there were many many of these smaller light vehicles present, as a sort of squadron of honour for Jesus. The beings within them came to witness, learn and benefit. At the time of His ascension there was a huge energy re-alignment amongst stars and planets and many Higher Beings knew that the time had come to focus on Earth to help humanity take it’s next steps.

Jesus chose the “death on the cross” to help 3D humanity go beyond it’s 3D fear of death and limitation. The huge energy shift on that day, meant that many people who were watching understood the symbolism, saw the small cross-overs flying nearby and understood “as above, so below” – there is no Death, we are all beings of Light.
Some people watching below could actually see them but said nothing. The symbolism of the cross from which Jesus ascended is to re-connect us with our Light Being and ET heritage, which in the end all come from Source.

Useful Links

If you want to read more about where human beings come from and the nature of other planets etc. – read
Earth Awakens: Prophecy 2012-2030 by Sal Rachele with his spirit guides, the Founders

Living in a Body on a Plant – Your Divine Abilities by William Linville

Website for Aluna Joy

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The big speed-up – February 27th, 2013

Today was very big energetically as we registered a major “speeding-up” effect which has escalated since December 21, 2012. I was shown that on the 21st of every month, things will speed up dramatically and that three days either side of the 21st will feel very fast and rather confusing. Our base reality will be changing at a pace not known for thousands of years. We will be encouraged to look at things anew and throw out old perspectives, some of which we may only have adopted months earlier. Stay detached!

The challenge will be to stay in our hearts as the true grounding process takes effect. Non heart-based thinking and ways of doing things are breaking down. Those still entrenched in the old thinking will be more strident – “push-harder, do more” they will say, when it is just the opposite we need to be doing. We will see this as so obvious and unacceptable, it cannot be ignored. The switch has been flicked, things are getting faster and we must go to our hearts for true grounding.

Once the earth’s rotation has passed a certain point, the ascension energy shift clicks in and things speed up. Whilst this presents opportunities to develop faster, we must be mindful of the effects of fast energy on our bodies. These include:

1. Phases of the body can be disrupted around the 21st. Ask for higher guidance to return your body to alignment as of today, because in another month the cycle will speed up further. Make sure you do this work on the 22nd and 23rd of the month.Try to work in groups/circles of like-minded people,for greater power, inspiration and support.

2. Fear-based thinking will be on show as monthly energy shifts occur. Do not buy into it. Return to the Heart. Watch the process with detachment.

3. Use visualizations of triangles anywhere they are needed for protection. Put them under the bed, in the car, in the workplace, in the supermarket – wherever. Put yourself in a spiral of light in the middle of the triangle to help you adjust in a protected place where the energy can be slowed down a bit.

4. Be very selective about what/who you listen to or take on. There is a new energy matrix forming and Light workers are moving into place within this matrix.

5. Stay in your Heart and work with the trees, the rocks, the elementals and Devas. This is part of reintegrating with Nature, bringing Heaven and Earth together. We are reclaiming our innocence and connection with Source. You can draw a double triangle (2 bases joined together, narrow ends pointing away) with a spiral of energy running right through it.

Put yourself in the top triangle, the trees at the left corner, rocks at the right corner, Ascended Masters at the top end and the ocean at the bottom end. See the spiral of energy spinning and keep it going until you feel the double triangle merge with the energy of Nature and the Ascended Masters.

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The library in the sky – January 7th, 2013

During a healing session with a dear friend we both experienced a strange hot and cold energy we had never had before. My healer friend was holding my feet and for almost one and a half hours both of us felt an energy which was cool on the edges and warm on the inside. She felt as though her hands were stuck to me feet and they just couldn’t move till the work was done.

While she did this, I saw a large wedge of crystalline light opening up in my head and got the sense that it was part of a vast inter-galactic library of knowledge that I once had access to. I saw myself going to a huge library with endless corridoors and eventually meeting up with a group of “librarians”, who weren’t sure I belonged there. They did some higher-up communication to get permission to let me have access to the library.

They seemed to scan my enlarged brain and I could see a series of light points all around it, which is what they were looking for as evidence that I was “connected”. They asked to see my wrists, which I could see had a light insignia on each one – a star on the right and a dot on the left. These signalled that I was originally from Sirius and therefore had prior knowledge of this huge library. The librarians were happy then.

I was then shown more information about Macchu Picchu which I had visited on December 20, 21, 22 and 23, 2012 – the time of the Galactic Allignment. Macchu Picchu had been an airport/landing strip for ET’s and other races, for lifetimes and well before the Inka arrived.

The healing today was to remove old energy blocks and implants from my previous life in Peru, where I had helped to create landing “maps” at Macchu Picchu and unofficially taught many Inka priestesses how to fly and use them. Such sharing of higher knowledge was not well received by all. There was a major battle at the time between those in Inka society and elsewhere who wanted to use Macchu Picchu as a base for widespread education of all human beings and those who wanted to keep this knowledge within the hierachy. I had been attacked and progammed to prevent me participating.

Over almost two hours in the healing session, these implants were removed and a great deal of silver light was put into my energy field to prevent future attacks. I was given warning signals to alert me when people or situations were not to be trusted and I was told to be careful. I was also shown other people around the planet who were researching and transmitting new/old knowledge to expand human consciousness. I was to join this group who were all “students” of my friend and fellow- healer.

I could see and feel my head size and energy expanding right there as I lay on the table to accommodate all this new information. I thought I looked like an ET and was shown that the reason ET’s and other races have such large heads is enable them to hold a bigger energy field of knowledge and awareness. This enlarged head also enabled safety whilst travelling in a variety of atmospheres.

A couple of days after this down-load, I saw the “library” in my head as a large inverted triangle of rose quartz, with a direct connection to my Heart chakra. When there is a disconnect between head and heart, we are more open to energy attack. As we move through the ascension process, this disconnect can make it feel like our human self is being left behind our light self. That isn’t what we want, so we must work to keep the two in alignment by clearing old pain and keeping the new connection in place. This will allow further ET contact and information to come through safely and reduce the chance of energy attacks from any level, human or otherwise.

None of this is meant to scare us – just make us aware of the new “rules of the road” as we all move forward.

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Waiting to go home at Santiago airport – January 1st. 2013

I’m waiting for my flight in the neutral no man’s land of Santiago airport. No emotional pulling in any particular direction. I’m tired and reflecting on the whole trip. I could have made it shorter, skipped all the big cities. That’s what I’ll be doing in future. Perhaps I needed all this time to heal the abused child wounds that surfaced with such ferocious rawness just before I left at the end of November 2012. It feels like the scarring has dropped away at last. I’ve realized that feeling overly responsible for others has taken up enormous space in my mind, heart and life. It has prevented me trusting and welcoming what others can offer.

It has made me over-reactive to suffering which I cannot change, depleted my energy and left me in the dark, often lonely and frightened. I’ve missed many opportunities because of it, but think I can now be more open. The first ones in strangely enough, have been nice, kind younger men wanting to help me, talk to me and just relate. Hardly what I expected, but very nice.

Beyond a very good young man at home, who has become a good friend, along with his wife, I have met others here in South America. One said there was something very special about me – who knows what – it’s all so unfamiliar but I am staying open to it. Is it a reflection of a new young fresh masculine energy emerging in myself, to replace the old, tired, dead masculine energy that I have lived with for such a long time. These kind young men are showing me a new way.

I was fortunate to meet a very kind travel agent in Cuzco, who organized my whole trip, including bus-rides, taxis to pick me up all the way down to Lake Titicaca. Being an old back-packer I am so used to do everything myself but it just didn’t feel right this time. he sent his staff to pick me up and drop me off all in towns a very long way from Cuzco, as he wanted me to feel like I was in a family. That was a beautiful experience and it gave me time to heal inside behind the protective wall of his kindness and caring. I was able to let go of many protective walls as a result.

By the time I got to Macchu Picchu, I was more open and able to take on the message of turning more to the stars and allowing the mountain to heal me. Even in the last week when my house-sitter emailed me that my cat was very sick, I was able to stay grounded. Ringing the vet every day from Buenos Airies was a calm process rather than a frantic one. These calls had to be made in the middle of the night to deal with the time difference and I came to appreciate the caring attitude of the young man on night-duty who always asked how things were going.

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Back to Buenos Airies – December 31st. 2012

I’m flying back to Buenos Airies and I’m really looking forward to going back home in a week. What could I envisage for 2013 on this last day of the year? Earlier messages I had received included the following:

Let yourself bloom. That is when you will be happiest and make others happy also. I was thinking about what blooming might mean for me and here is what came to me:

1. Capitalize on your improved fitness gained on this trip. Add more nature walks and perhaps a new dance class.

2. Celebrate yourself as a woman.

3. Allow more love into my life. I don’t have to do and be everything.

4. Don’t struggle with life. If its a struggle, don’t do it.

5. Let others shine/do/show/make for me – be receptive.

6. Step out into the stars – see more of the night sky.

7. Forgive everyone who has disappointed me in 2012.

8. Stop taking on dead projects and relationships.

9. Be a creative and willing learner with things that make me happy.

10. Experiment with new friendships whilst honouring the old ones.

11. Learn Spanish to open my heart.

12.Keep up my spiritual practices.

13. Have more short trips away to refresh and renew.

14. Give people the benefit of the doubt.

15. When in doubt, stay open rather than close down.

16. Don’t try to change/help or improve anything for a time. Learn to receive.

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Reflecting on Igazzu Falls and Bueonos Airies – December 31st, 2012

I’m in the small town of Igazzu waiting for a taxi to the airport and back to Buenos Airies. I haven’t felt any sort of energy connection here, not even at the Igazzu Falls which are incredibly beautiful. The air is clean and soft, like a Garden of Eden. Lots of tourists are visiting as its peak holiday season for locals and others. It’s been a relief to get away from Buenos Airies, a big city with an undercurrent of sadness. People seem unfriendly and quite disconnected emotionally.

People in Argentina regard themselves as European and are quick to tell you their grandparents came from Germany, Italy or wherever – just not here, How sad that they feel less worthy for living in South America. How the psychic origins of an ancestral line leave an imprint on future generations. When I tune into the psychic heart of Argentina, I find a lot of guilt and shame. I know that many Nazi’s escaped here after the Second World War, but it’s more than that. The rape, pillage and murder that is the Spanish colonial heritage, is part of the local psyche. They have not yet come to terms with it and now that the economy is faltering again, they cannot hide behind materialism.

The other thing I found strange here was the almost total absence of local handicrafts and indigenous art. It is so very different to Peru, which is bursting with beautiful creations of all sorts – jewellerey, weaving, wood carving, painting, bags, clothes in glorious colours and styles. Despite people being so much poorer, Peru seems a happier more connected place. Perhaps people there are still more connected to nature and have retained a pride in their Inkan culture, which lives today. Peru seems better off in many ways.

I feel sad for people in Argentina. If money is all that makes life meaningful, then how sad that over one-third live in poverty. Where do they go when money fails them and their original culture has been destroyed. This morning I was reflecting on my time in Argentina – only about a week. Compassionate detachment has been the theme – observe with compassion and don’t get triggered by the craziness around you. I have been sorely tested in the hostel I’m in. Loud music playing for the self-absorbed youngsters staying here. I’ve managed to tune it out without huge irritation, which is quite something for me. I can get very grouchy around loud ugly music.

There are lots of young men here from Brazil – loud, attention-seeking and sadly on steroids. When I tune in to their essence, I see fear at their core – hence the need to appear abnormally large. They feel overwhelmed by the violence in their home country and insecure about their ability to survive it and protect those they love. In the face current energy shifts, their fears are magnified. Machismo,steroids, very loud music and lots of yelling keeps them numb and able to survive.

I have watched some interesting interactions between English and Australian men with these insecure young men. The ease and flow of another non-threatening male seems to put them at ease and the uncertain young boys within start to emerge, when they didn’t have to pretend that they knew everything. I truly hope these young men find a way to be more authentic in future. Perhaps that’s the beauty of travel – different models of masculinity or just humanity, can meet and rub shoulders for a higher purpose.

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